Skansen has been nominated

By on September 14, 2016

The City of Stockholm has nominated Skansen to Grand Tourism Award 2016 for actively working with tourism issues from a child, diversity and gender equality perspective.

– We are very proud and excited to have been nominated, says Skansen’s CEO John Brattmyhr, and we take it as a nice confirmation that our efforts affect and are important for many, that we evolve in tune with our present and future. We now look forward to the start of construction of the new Baltic Sea House that will further develop Skansen’s educational activities and involvement in environmental issues.

Skansen is one of Stockholm’s most important visits reasons. I am proud that such a venerable museum is so up to date and innovative. They are actively working with a variety of partners and a dozen foreign markets. Of Skansen about 1.4 million annual visitors are 40% of them from abroad, says Thomas Andersson, CEO of Visit Stockholm.

Here are some of the reviews that led to the nomination: “Skansen has over the years built up a number of activities in which especially children can participate and through activities linked to the environment and time, empathize with and learn about life in the past. There are a number of events that are based on interaction and mediation of culture. Here Skansen natural ways to integrate gender equality, diversity and children’s perspective in the activities relating to the program and children’s activities. “

“Skansen’s cooperation with the Red Cross enables the newly arrived families to get a day along with a volunteer from the Red Cross to visit Skansen. In 2016, the cooperation with the Red Cross expanded and theater performances under the Lill-Skansen theater is now adapted to fit all children no matter what language you speak.”

Facts about the price
Grand Tourism Award is a nationwide prize that goes to a player who made “exemplary efforts in innovation, internationalization, quality and durability that has helped to develop tourism in Sweden”. Every county in Sweden are invited to participate with a candidate and Stockholm have chosen to nominate Skansen for major efforts in public education and collaboration with community stakeholders. Each county nominated candidate receives SEK 10 000 to be used towards a knowledge-support operation and the national winner will receive 100 000 SEK.
The award ceremony will take place at the Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm on Tuesday 18 October.

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