Local | Short of blood for the summer

By on June 27, 2016
Right now is the blood layer lower than it should be this year, and replenishment is urgently needed. In July 2015 resulted in 22 percent fewer people donate blood than an average month. Therefore needs replenishment of the blood bank before Stockholmers take vacations.

Most people give blood in their everyday life, on the way to or from work. Many workplaces also allows employees to give during working hours. When Stockholmers take vacations decreases the blood layer “, says Karolina Flower Wiberg, communications manager of the Blood Centre in Stockholm.

In July 2015 resulted in 22 percent fewer people donate blood than in other months. 5167 people gave blood, compared with the other months in 2015, when an average of 6637 people gave blood per month.

Blood is needed every day, all year round. Every day, about 100 liters of blood in healthcare in Stockholm, in surgery, accident, childbirth or as part of the treatment of severe diseases in newborns as well as older people.

We need to have far more blood in storage for the summer. We hope that many donors have the opportunity to visit us before they go away, “says Karolina Flower Wiberg.

Blood can not be produced artificially. It can only be given from person to person and is also a commodity that only lasts six weeks.

Women can give blood three times a year and men four times. To become a blood donor, you must be 18 years old and weigh more than 50 kilos.

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