Local | Seminars with Charlotta Eidenskog

By on January 19, 2016
Ongoing exhibitors Charlotta Eidenskog tells us more about her methods and processes here at Konsthantverkarna at Slussen 26 January at 18.15. Charlotta also gives an insight into how her work with the gallery Two Little Birds enriched her own work. You can book your place by sending an email to info@konsthantverkarna.se and the seminars are free of charge.
She is driven by the desire of its creation. Meanwhile, there are always questions there. Who am I? What is a community? Who am I in community? We in the community? What is visible? What is not visible?
In her last exhibition From a higher level“, she stood up and looked down on the systems, relationships and their constant circular flow. In this exhibition stands Charlotta in the middle of the systems. She looks at the parts separately, their connections and relationships around us. Herself as a part of everything. And she finds force there. It is what it is. I do what I do.
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