Local | SELAM @ Stockholm Culture Festival Friday, August 19

By on August 11, 2016

Sun warm Ethiopian grooove all in with iconic Ms. Aster Aweke, reggae à la Ivory Coast with no less than Alpha Blondy! Selam in cooperation with Stockholm Culture ensures that whole Gustaf Adolfs Torg is simmering with rhythms and partying audience! We run from 19.00!

Before the concerts DJ DALION heats up and the evening ends with a big party at the GAT square with DJs from Sugarcane that delivers the latest from the continent’s new urban movements and music!

Aster Aweke & Masenqo Band (Ethiopia)

Her charisma and vocal style has been compared to both Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin! And her voice; smooth, supple and suggestive – tame and wild at the same time. Aster was born around 1960 in Gonder in northern Ethiopia, but moved early to the capital Addis Ababa. There, she began as a teenager singing in bars and clubs with various groups, including The Roha Band. In the the late seventies many artists fled from that followed Etiopens civil war, namely Mengistu’s military regime that censored all text and music. Aster tried for the longest stay in Addis but eventually moved to an exile colony in Washington, D.C. Today she divides her time between Addis Ababa and the United States. Her 24th album, “Ewedihalehu” (I love you), was produced by Abegasu Kibrework Shiota, a faithful companion through the years, as well as exciting new producers Henock Negash and Maru.

Alpha Blondy & The Solar System (the Ivory Coast on the) With its 12-man band “Solar System” is one of the world’s most popular reggae artists.

Alpha Blondy is the man who put the Ivory Coast on the reggae map and proved that the genre was not just exclusive to Jamaica. Over the years it has remained his primary concern to distribute a message of peace and reconciliation, he was nominated for “Ambassador for Peace” in Ivory Coast by the UN.

His latest album, Positive Energy (2015) contains several brilliant guests including Ijahman and Tarrus Riley, zoukmästaren Jacob Desvarieux and a stunning trio of the song “Allah Tano, Nawfel from Tunisia, Issam from Morocco and Ismaël Isaac from Ivory Coast. It is a strong and spiritual song dedicated to Alpha’s grandmother. “It shows that Islam is not the private property of a few violent people. You can talk about God and about love without bloodshed, “said Alpha. We look forward to welcoming Alpha Blondy and his band the Solar System, his faithful gang of musicians from Barbados, France, Ivory Coast and Jamaica!

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