Local | Schyffert and Lindström returning home to Stockholm with success ÄGD!

By on October 23, 2015

ÄGD How much for a richer life?” Premiered at Rival in Stockholm in February 2014. After this autumn’s ongoing tour the show will have been played 148 times in 36 cities and been seen by over 150,000 people. Now it is clear that the spring of 2016 will be a fifth game season, Fredrik Lindstrom and Henrik Schyffert then returns to the stage where it all began Rival in Stockholm.

Our times Hasse and Tage Henry Schyffert and Fredrik Lindström has made a comedy show with stinging truths about how we look at everything with economic eyes. We are slaves of the sacred growth, investing in relationships and convince ourselves that we become a little happier if we buy an activity bracelet. If nothing else, for growth’s sake.

And everyone while we dream of a better life. To get richer, work a little less to have time to fulfill themselves and be sure to get off to Los Angeles during the boring January. The advertising, lifestyle podcasts and magazines speak the same clear language; the way to happiness is spelled consumption.

Our wellbeing is based on us to spend money. In the past you became rich by saving your money, now you become rich by consuming, says Fredrik Lindström.

The eternal economic growth seems to be just as holy today as the Amen in the church was a hundred years ago.

We do not believe in God, we believe in the market. We do not want forgiveness, we want a robot mowers, says Henrik Schyffert.

After the New Year begins Fredrik Lindstrom and Henrik Schyffert their fifth game season with the acclaimed performance ÄGD How much for a richer life?” And January 29 will be the premiere at Rival in Stockholm.

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