Local | RY X at Södra Teatern

By on July 8, 2016
Ry X is the result of a journey that began when Ry at the age of sixteen started writing music, inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. A journey that has taken Ry through among others Berlin, Stockholm, Costa Rica, Indonesia and London before he ended up in his current hometown of Los Angeles.
The Australian made his debut under the name Ry X with the EP Berlin 2013 on the Swedish label Dumont Dumont and from nowhere was the title track, a hit worldwide, a slow and devastatingly beautiful track built around Ry Xs whisper as vocals and an acoustic guitar and conquered the airwaves as well as wowed the music critics. Since the Berlin-EP has Ry X managed to release debut album as part of the acclaimed trio The Acid, along with Adam Freedland and Steve Nalepa, and touring worldwide. At the same time, he recorded his debut album Dawn, 12 tracks with just Rys vocals and guitar, recorded live in the style of Nick Drake and Neil Young.
Intimate, poignant and beautiful, Ry X’s the music cuts right through throng, and with Dawn, he has delivered on the promise that gave Berlin. After continually sold-out tours worldwide stands Ry X at the Södra Teatern historic stage – do not miss the last chance to see him in an intimate scene, the next time he comes to Sweden will be about much larger arenas.
July 11, 2016 Södra Teatern Stockholm
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