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By on July 4, 2016
Fotografiskas success with dining outdoors continues! Fotografiskas plant grill – now with bar, has opened up and grown substantially. Come and see how very good we‘ve got it! Enjoy our grilled dishes with a focus on the plant kingdom, where you add protein from the animal kingdom, just as in our restaurant. Now move Fotografiskas bar out and make # plant grill company. It serves fresh, alcohol-free ecological drinkswith the alcohol on the side. All with one of Stockholm’s most beautiful views as a backdrop, the site of one of the city’s most beautiful pendants.
It is just over two years ago since food creator Paul Smith at Fotografiska opened the doors to a kitchen with a new kind of philosophy that challenges the traditional view that a raw material from the animal kingdom is more than the status of the plant kingdom. Here are culinary plant dishes, organic and whenever possible locally grown, well for themselves – while the animal protein are optional. All focused on the season, so it served in Fotografiskas plant grill this summer is charged of pleasurable nutrition with raw materials that are often very locally grown.
Our kitchen appeals to the senses on a whole new level and challenge the idea of the protein from the animal kingdom as a necessary food source. For us it is obvious that deliver enjoyment and in the bargain get health and clear the planet. Fotografiskas plant barbecue, with our expatriate bar where non alcoholic drinks are served with alcohol on the side, is certainly a place we are proud of. «Says Paul Smith.

Examples of the menu, depending on the current availability of raw materials:

Cold: Grilled cucumber with dill and wild watercress.
Warm: Whole grilled fresh onions with smoked sour cream and honey butter.
Sweet: Fresh strawberries, olive oil cream, meringue and crushed cocoa.

Every day served three cold three hot and two sweet plant dishes, to that you can choose, for example, marinated grilled char or Sörmland pork bbq.

Fridays and Saturdays we have a line-up with some of Stockholm’s best DJs who elevates mood further.

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