Local | Povels Naturbarn to the Park Theatre in August!

By on July 30, 2016

In early August, plays Povels Naturbarn at the Park Theatre in Hägersten and on Långholmen. Do not miss two of the most obvious Povel Ramel-sensors, Lotta and Mikael Ramel, who along with bassist Backa Hans Eriksson shows that the artistic apple has not fallen far from the tree!

You can write a lot about Povel Ramels importance in the Swedish music and entertainment history, about all the stars he lit. “Everybody have we crawled up between Povel Ramels front teeth” that Gösta Ekman said. Tage Danielsson put it this way: “Povels musical warfaring against cynical jerk music and poor quality is a cultural masterpiece.” Others say that he wrote many of the most brilliant, most fun and popular songs we have.

Now comes “Povels Naturbarn – A personal mini-show” with Lotta Ramel, Michael Ramel and Backa Hans Eriksson at the Park Theatre!

The Masters clever sentences and beautiful melodies is the foundation, but the trio also put their own stamp on the show when they snap up Ramel texts and melodies. All three have worked together with Povel Ramel in several productions.

Plays Povels Naturbarn at the Park Theatre in August:

Tuesday, August 2 at 19:00 Hägerstensåsen amphitheater

Wednesday, August 3 at 19:00 Hägerstensåsen amphitheater

Thursday, August 4 at 19:00 Långholmens amphitheater

Friday, August 5 at 19:00 Långholmens amphitheater

For more than 70 years, the Park Theatre invited to the theater, concerts, dance and circus for locals of all ages throughout the summer. Always free admission.

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