Local | Pottery and ceramics painting complements the activity range on the Twelve Stockholm

By on December 27, 2015

During the autumn has the offer at O’Learys Event Center Twelve Stockholm gradually expanded. Curling on art ice, baseball simulators, karaoke and mini golf has now received supplements of Clay ‘n Play Creative Ceramic Studios.

Clay ‘n Play is a creative workshop where people get the opportunity to meet and create a playful way. The concept is inspired by craft studios from England and the United States and locations in Sweden as Gotland and Höganäs. Clay ‘n Play has 16 drej tables and seats up to 60 people for pottery painting. The décor reflects the creativity and cosiness.
To our Clay ‘n Play, we welcome everyone to socialize in an inspiring and playful environment, both juniorsmediorer and Seniors, says Wilhelm Vintilescu, CEO of O’Leary’s Trademark. We see a trend where the handmade gets more space, even in restaurant environments, and we want the Clay ‘n Play will become a place for creation, socializing and relaxation.
Anyone who wants to paint on pottery pay a studio fee plus the cost of the pottery to be painted. Anyone who wants pottery paying for time in the workshop. It also organized courses of various kinds and gift certificates are available for purchase. On site there are craft knowledgeable staff and a cafeteria with coffee and cookies. Meat tray and a glass of wine can also be enjoyed.
In connection with Clay ‘n Play is a wide range of sporting activities. Visitors can challenge themselves and each other in individual activities or combined struggles. Among the many activities available, from table tennis and racing to bowling.
It is not far to Las Vegas when you come to us, says Pär Svensson, Sales Manager for the Local Market Group which operates O’Leary Event Center at Twelve Stockholm. There is food, drinks, sports and activities in a delightful mixture that is suitable for both corporate events and Christmas holidays available.
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