Pokémon GO Bonanza at Kungsholmstorg

By on September 11, 2016

September 30 is celebrated Kungsholmen Torg day and this year it will be extra festive. Stockholm’s largest “real” Pokémon Gym, Dragon’s Lair, is sponsoring all Pokestops around Kungsholmstorg with Lure throughout the day. All visitors will be able to walk and collect Pokémon around the square while you can take part in one of the many other activities on the square.

Besides a pink glow over Kungsholmstorg will Dragon’s Lair also add some excitement for all players. The player who keeps the gym on Kungsholmstorg at certain times (12:00, 15:00 and 18:00) will win the Pokémon Prices from Dragon’s Lair. All participants who have their character in the gym at the time points will win the Pokémon prices.

We have not seen any similar tournament has been conducted before, which is strange because it really is a very simple solution to implement said Johan Nilsson that are behind the project. It will be very interesting to see how big the craving is for a tournament in Pokemon GO.

Dragon’s Lair will also offer the opportunity to test the Pokémon card game during the day.

Bring your friends and collect Pokémon, win prizes in the gym and have a fun day in the Kungsholmen Torg day.

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