By on September 6, 2016

During the summer has Pelikans old bar and small dining room been closed for remodeling. Now we can finally open the doors for the new Pelican bar and small dining room. A classic Swedish tavern environment has been upgraded to the 2000s the highest standards. Among other will the bar guests be able to accompany their drinks with specially composed pinchos with traditional Swedish flavors.

But the eye will also have its. In the Pelican Bar we will regularly display the works of a new generation of artists who in this way get a chance to meet a wide and curious audience. Right now you will encounter the works of the acclaimed painter Linnea Rygaard on our walls. Next artist showing its works are internationally renowned Ditte Ejlerskov. Curator of the exhibition program is the artist and project manager at the Stockholm art, Susann Brännström.

Over time, we will build a permanent collection of smaller works, primarily of the artists we have shown in temporary exhibitions. Even now you can sip your drink surrounded by works of art created by some of the most interesting Swedish and international artists.

Small dining room, we have also chosen to make into our permanent SLAS room, dedicated to one of Pelikan’s most beloved regulars, artist Stig Claesson. We have been given the unique opportunity to acquire a suite original drawings by SLAS. His colleague Janne Lööf described SLAS drawing art in this way: “To take so simple and stylistically, so you have to be incredibly skilled. His drawings had a certain look, a style. He imitated no one, but he invented it. ” Quite like the Pelican Bar, we would like to say.

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