Local | Pantomime Theatre presents: In Herthas studio

By on October 11, 2015

In Herthas studio will premiere at October 24 on the stage Peacock at St. Eriksgatan 84 in Stockholm. After the premiere the show is played until October 31 before touring around the country.

The show has its origins in the memory of a long-standing friendship between Hertha Hillfon and Bo W Lindstrom, or Bosse Mimes, as he was called by Hertha. For decades he stayed in Herthas studio and came in close contact with her creative power.

Hertha and I became friends right away – we could meet in the creative game. I frequently visited the studio helped to knead and roll the clay, sat model. With the performance we want to convey that it is possible to play and enjoy life regardless of age. The year before she passed away, said Hertha, “I have never been so old, and I‘ve never had this much to do.” It will be nice to have to give a different picture of an old person than what you‘re used to. “said Bo, who is the artistic director and one of the founders of the Pantomime Theatre, and also one of the show’s actors.

The result is a meditative staging around a person with great creative power and a peculiar glow as expressed in everything she undertook.

Hertha Hillfon (1921-2013) has been called for the clay rebel. She was both awards and is represented in numerous museums in Sweden and abroad. Hertha has among other things created the Theatre Prize Golden Mask and the portrait of Astrid Lindgren. During her most productive periods, she used up to two tons of clay per year.

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