Oyster Fest and Sigtuna Open 2016

By on September 12, 2016

On 15 October invites the Hotel Kristina in to Sigtuna Open! An evening in the oysters characters!

We like to do different and new events and we love oysters! Therefore, we arrange Sigtuna’s first oyster fest, Sigtuna Open 2016! The program including oyster opening competitions, and live band Pure Malt! says Andreas Olsen, owner and restaurant manager at Hotel Kristina.

It will be a lovely afternoon and evening with the oyster in focus. Each year it holds the World Championship in oyster opening in Galway on Ireland’s west coast and two genuine world champion as well as our good friend Nicklas Wiklund, former Swedish champion who is also silver medalist in the World Championships will participate in Sigtuna Open. There’s a jury in place to assess the speed of opening oysters, also weighed into the presentation. Oysters should open correctly without defects, the meat must be intact and bloodshed should be avoided whenever possible. In the oyster opening competition we also offer a class for “exerciserswhere everyone is welcome to participate and try oysters openings difficult art!

During the evening will Pure Malt play Scottish and Irish folk music in a way that makes it tugging in the legs of both connoisseurs and novices!

Obviously oysters with accompanying beverages will be on sale and there will also be served a hearty stew for the hungry.

Welcome to Sigtuna Open 2016 Sigtuna’s first oyster feast!

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