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By on March 22, 2016

A verb constructed between ballet bodily framework, an evasive and ambiguous subject, and a musical score that begins stranger do itself. Tentative, speculative, and tested suggestions diagram-matically crashes various materials, this initiates a dialogue between the three.

In fact, the ballet works both as a system of symbols, but also as a framework for new physical devices. Instead of calling the ballet center, trying Sebastian Lingserius and Love Källman find its outer boundary, and let facilitating the work of the spectator’s question: What and Where is the ballet? Where is the limit, and if not there, where is the shadow?

This is not an unusual ballet, but a deviant. A body that operates all of its directions, planned and focused but without pre-determined representation. A return to the ballet where the paradoxical logic collapses. An after-political subject, which seems to stand for everything.

Our third option is not one or the other, but both!
A war of love, a loving war, a love war, wars, love, game jay, creeps ke, äkenkren.

Concept / Choreography / Dance: Sebastian Lingserius | With: Love Källman | Light: Sebastian Lingserius & Axel Norén | Sound Design: Franz Edward Cedrins | Production: Production KASS | Co-production with: Weld | Developed in residence at: CCAP, MDT Stockholm and Weld | With the support of: National Arts Council

Wednesday, March 30th 19:00 (Premiere)

Thursday, March 31 19:00
Friday, April 1 19:00
Norrtullsgatan 7

Tickets: book.weld.se

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Photo: Nadja Voorham