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By on May 28, 2016

WITCHES at Årsta Theatre June 18 to July 9 2016
Le Villi is Giacomo Puccini’s first opera, and the summer of 2016 sets Kamraterna up it from a feminist reading, inspired by the romanticism prevailing interest in nature’s dark side and occultism. In WITCHES explores Kamraterna the view on the connection between the woman, the nature and evil in relation to liberation and rebellion. We are moving in the borderland between the brutal, bloodthirsty and vengeful and feminist utopia where another system, controlled by the soft values, community and solidarity prevails. In WITCHES sets, inspired by the romantic era dualistic view of life, the beautiful to the grotesque, good vs. evil, conventions against anarchy.

The director is Aurelia Le Huche and musical direction Anna Christensson.
The work also includes newly written text portions of playwright Isabel Cruz Liljegren. We sing in Swedish in a translation by Birgitta Prejborn.

Music – Giacomo Puccini
Libretto – Ferdinando Fontana
Registration – Aurelia Le Huche
Musical direction and arr – Anna Christensson
Translation – Birgitta Prejborn in collaboration with Anna Christensson
PlaywrightsIsabel Cruz Liljegren

Set Design – Erika Sjödin
Costume – Marie Moberg and Mary Peterson
Mask Angelica Ekeberg
Producer and director – Teresia Pettersson
Artistic director – Dan Turdén

Heddie FärdigAnna
Daniel Ralphsson -Roberto
Karolina Blixt Carolina
Hanna Edh – Myrtha
and others.

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