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By on April 10, 2016

One of the best sports ear-phones on the market updated with an even better fit and useability!

Rio and Boston are recognised as one of the best sport earphones on the market as they are water and sweat resistant, and the advanced GoFit technology makes it stay put in your ear even when practicing tougher activities. The popular sports ear-phones have now been updated with an even better GoFit technology, the wing have been replaced by a silicon loop and the inner silicon piece have been remade to fit event better in your ear.

The developed silicon shield makes it feel comfortable to wear and gives you the sound experience you deserve.

“It feels great that we were able to develop an already great product. We have improved the ease of use through the new GoFit solution, it has a slightly simpler design with a tighter fit which provides a secure fit and gives some extra boost to your workout. If you appreciated the previous Rio and Boston you are going to love this! ” Says Daniel Roos, Creative Director at Urbanista

We are launching our better and improved GoFit technology beginning of April.

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