Local | Niklas Strömstedt get MEGALOMANIA in the new supershow at Hamburger Börs!

By on October 10, 2015

This spring takes Niklas Strömstedt Hamburger Börs scene in Stockholm, with the newly written show Megalomania. Performed Thursday-Saturday in the spring of 2016, with the premiere on 21 January.

At age 57, I have managed to do a lot – got three own children and three stepchildren, married two wives (though not simultaneously), lived in ten different addresses, owned seventeen cars, got a plasticknee and electric bike, cheered AIK to three national championships, raised two cats, cooked 14512 liters of the world’s most delicious meat sauce, and middle of all this had time with a 36-year music career.

No wonder you get megalomania. I’ve lost it completely and intends to do a very special show at the Hamburger Börs. I will share with you all – both hits and misses.

I have like an explorer searching around the country with high and low to find the prettiest band, the best director, and by far the most beautiful sidekick. Additionally, the menu will reflect the time I could afford to occasionally visit restaurants from the 80s onwards.

Tickets go on sale on 12 October and 21 January is the premiere.
Time to put the gold tooth to life.

/ Niklas

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