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By on May 21, 2016

Yesterday opened the Nick Brandt’s new exhibition Inherit the Dust, a powerful and thought-provoking series of epic panoramas. Animal Portraits in natural size has been placed and photographed in places where the animals previously lived. Today they are threatened as their habitat since time immemorial will disappear by human exploitation of nature. Where these animals roamed underway today ruthless exploitation while landfills is growing. Environments for either human or animal. Brandt’s message is clear: there are alternatives to the legacy we leave behind us is dust and nothingness.

The photographer Nick Brandt since 2001 unforgettable and magnificent portraits documented of East Africa devastated nature and endangered animals. Three years after the completion of the seriously indebted trilogy On This Earth, A Shadow Falls Across the Ravaged Land, returns Brandt to East Africa to photograph the accelerated natural degradation on the African continent.

In his new series of epic panoramas documenting Brandt human impact on the environment where the animals can no longer live. In each place, install Brandt, a photographic portrait of animals in natural size in the middle of a landscape now marked by explosive urban development, factories, destroyed grazing land and quarries. The people in the pictures live their lives as normal without taking notice of the photographers of the animals that now have only a ghostly presence in the landscape.

But there is hope to leave something other than dust.

2010 Brandt-founded the non-profit organization Big Life Foundation, which helps protect over 800,000 hectares of East Africa’s ecosystems. The foundation has hired over 350 local park rangers which has led to poaching has decreased radically in the area.

More and more people are beginning to realize the economic benefits of protecting the environment. Big Lifes ethos seems to work: if nature conservation benefit local people then local people will benefit nature conservation. And this is where the hope is for Africa’s natural, “says Brandt.

The monograph Inherit the Dust, published in March 2016 by Edwynn Houk Editions by Thames & Hudson distributor, contains two essays by Brandt. In conjunction with the book, Brandt has had exhibitions in, among others, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and London.

“In the Nick Brandt’s unvarnished, shocking and astonishing exhibition Inherit The Dust … we are faced with a social and environmental crisis, which requires us to rethinks.”
Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker lmregissör

»Nick Brandt’s matchless panoramas is a disconcerting combination of beauty, maturity and discipline … a striking and complex” J’accuse ”, because human beings as much as the animals are victims of the so-called development. The breadth, depth and detail of Brandt panoramas reminiscent of a collision between Brueghel and an impending apocalypse. “- Vicki Goldberg, art critic, writer

International press about Inherit the Dust:

»Nick Brandt’s recent work is both attractive and repulsive … Brandt skillfully transforms his art into a call to action.” – Jack Crager, American Photo, the 10 best photo books, spring 2016

Brandt’s new series is his strongest and most agonizing.” – The Daily Beast

»Grasping and effective … the photos are as beautiful as melancholy.” – Wired

»Nick Brandt’s epic panoramas acts as heartbreaking memorials to a lost paradise.«
Sunday Times, London

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