Local | New games in development was tested at the Technical Museum

By on August 31, 2016

On Saturday, August 27 showed independent game developers from around the world their newly developed game at the Technical Museum. Visitors could try to play and meet game developers, their mentors, sponsors and leading figures from the gaming industry.

It is the second consecutive year that indie developers from around the world gather in a cottage in Dalarna for eight weeks, with the support and coaching from leading figures from the gaming industry. The aim is to provide challenging game ideas an opportunity to materialize and to bridge the gap between creative independent game developers and major game companies. This year, twenty-one participants from fourteen countries and together they have created thirteen games.

Jana Palm is the project manager for Stugan and has spent the summer together with game developers.
It’s been fun and intense, we have spent time around the clock for eight weeks and everyone‘s probably pretty tired now, but we have seen great games to emerge, says Jana Palm, project manager for Stugan.

Stugan is an accelerator that helps independent game developers to come forward with their game ideas. The initiative has no beneficial interest, mentors and sponsors line up volunteers, and among them are some of the Swedish gaming industry heavier name. Karl Magnus Troedsson (Raw Fury), Alexander Ekvall (Snow Print Studios), Linus Gunnarson (PunktB), Stephen Jarrett (King), Oskar Burman (Fast Travel Games) and Tommy Palm (Resolution Games).

Stugans unique approach has brought the international game development scene’s attention and we have received a supplement of amazing mentors like Maarten Noyons, founder of the International Mobile Games Awards, Arseny Lebedev who founded Signus Labs and Paul Brady, who is renowned PR consultant and founder of Carve Communications, says Jana Palm, project manager for Stugan.

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