Local Natives plays at Slakthuset

By on September 29, 2019

Local Natives has been the sun’s rays of indie since its 2009 debut Gorilla Manor. Fantastic vocal singing, song-friendly verses and choruses, and an instrumental brilliance that springs from the band’s inherent playfulness. With the follow-up Hummingbird, the band proved that they could reach the large-scale in even the most intimate moments, and with Sunlit Youth that they also have every opportunity to dominate the pop sphere.

Soon Local Natives returns with Violet Street, and with it a visit to Sweden is given. On October 5, Local Natives Slaughter Church in Stockholm takes over for a gig.

In many ways, Violet Street is a return to its debut, where the focus is on the interaction of the band’s vocal and detailed arrangements, but where years of studio experience are now even more evident.

What we have already heard from the upcoming release is a band that seems to be experimenting with what has become its identity – the album is a result of reconnecting with one another, discussing their relationship and creating from an environment of complete openness.

It may have actually been the band’s foremost strength over the years, giving room for all feelings and thoughts, whether big or small. We can hardly wait to see it again.

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