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By on April 26, 2016

Memories of air – Nandi Nobell – Explores our relationship to the air from an experience perspective.

– Opening Thursday April 28 at 17-20

– Exhibition period 28 April to 19 June 2016

– Opening hours: Thu 11-19, Fri-Sun 11-16

– Location: Färgfabriken Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm, Project Rooms

This introduction is nonetheless an instruction: Exhale completely and hold your breath on empty lungs. When you really need, fill the tanks and lungs with air at the same time.
Ponder – what is the air for you?

n the exhibition Memories of the air, explores the artist Nandi Nobell our relationship to the air from an experience perspective. Air is the main medium of life for all mammals and a whole bunch of other creatures – but beyond these natural sciences, how aware are we of our air in everyday life? Is the air in your lungs of exquisite quality? And does the future air looks light out?
The exhibition consists of two parts, “The Subjective Suit” where the visitor through nine stations receive different inputs and prompts the air to do. In the second part, “Memories of the Air”, visitors lie down on three different beds, and through sound and image embark on a journey where the air is the supporting element.
Nandi Nobell is a Stockholm-based artist and designer. He went to the College of Arts Experience Design in 2012 with his final project Entrance Not for Everybody that examined how the created experiences can be woven into the lives of offering everyday magic of randomly selected individuals. Nandi Nobells works often have a strong focus on the props in the creation of inner experiences. His starting point is that most need it practical to accept the new – the more detailed and vast properties, the greater the tendency for the individual to take on something new.

Before the College of Arts Nandi studied fashion at Central Saint Martins and worked for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris.

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