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By on December 27, 2015

A new Swedish opera premiered at the Royal Opera’s main stage 23 January 2016.

Medea has abandoned her own family, sacrificed everything for her husband Jason and arrived as a refugee in a new country. Once there, she is left by Jason who bitterly will regret his decision.

In Daniel Börtz newly written opera is Euripides’ ancient tragedy of 431 before Christ in the Swedish interpretation of Agneta Pleijel and Jan Stolpe an intense psychological experience in which Medea’s furious, bloody revenge is central. Daniel Börtz, one of Sweden’s most acclaimed and prolific composer, has written several operas before, including Backanterna which premiered directed by Ingmar Bergman, 1991.
Medea was commissioned by the Royal Opera.

The opera has just become more and more current the more you see of the events in our world” (Agneta Pleijel)

Medea directed by Stefan Larsson, a theater director at the Betty Nansen Teatret in Copenhagen. Medea is his debut as an opera director. The big title role kreeras by soprano Emma Vetter. Jason heard the baritone Karl-Magnus Fredriksson. Also participating Operans soloists, 27 ladies from the Royal Opera Chorus and Jonas Malmsjo as narrator. On the podium is Patrik Ringborg,
music director in Kassel, Svenska Dagbladet’s Opera Prize winners in 2014 and one on the magazine OPUS list for 2015th

January 22 at 18:00 on the main stage

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