Local | Matti Klenell with team decorate the restaurant in the new National Museum

By on December 4, 2015
Prior to the opening of the newly renovated museum 2018 has the National Museum initiated a collaboration with the designer Matti Klenell. The partnership covers the interior of the new restaurant, bar and café and restaurant goods. Klenell will as artistic director to design the concept together with the TAF Architects, Carina Seth Andersson and Stina Löfgren.
Since about two years is an ongoing extensive renovation of the National Museum building on Blasieholmen in Stockholm. Meanwhile, the staff works to develop experience in the newly renovated museum. That means everything from how the art collections will be presented, how dialogue and meetings with visitors should be taken care of furnishings and lighting.
During the year, the National Museum conducted a procurement of designers commissioned to decorate the new restaurant, bar and coffee shop. The contract also includes the design of crockery, cutlery, glassware and other consumer goods needed in their new habitats. By hiring a collective of designers, Nationalmuseum will broadly reflect the design of today’s Sweden. The choice to lead this work fell on Matti Klenell.
Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom from TAF, Carina Seth Andersson, Stina Lofgren and I will be the design assignment’s creative core. We have diverse expressions and motivations in our work. The sprawling is an advantage as we collectively have broad expertise and a large network. We know each other and have been through previous cooperation projects learned to challenge and develop each other. We will continue with this and not to stiffen we will during the journey to invite more creators of the group says Matti Klenell of cooperation.
In the newly renovated museum will the surrounding community and its history be reflected. The design of the public environment should tell you if the site you are on and give a picture of the present moment as well as history. In order to get a contemporary image of the design indigenous knowledge and the producers’ conditions in Sweden, the group will make travel through the country and meet different stakeholders. The meetings will be an important part of the design the process leading up to the criteria of materials, technology and manufacturing.
The ambition of the interior is to create a place for experimentation, play and the unexpected. A multipurpose living room for all kinds of visitors. We want to tell you about the producing and the devoted Sweden, about people who make and create. Together with them, we want to design the rooms says Matti Klenell.
The mandate also includes documenting the design process and result in a richly illustrated publication for wider recognition. Parts of the consumer goods that are produced specifically for the National Museum will also be on sale.
I have great confidence in the work process where the outcome is not a foregone conclusion. We are in the intersection of managing and renewing there can new energy come up. The environments for food and drink in museum will appeal to numerous and the choices in the process should be as understandable and ingenious today as tomorrow says Berndt Arell senior curator at the National Museum.
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