Local | Master class for Fotografiskas cafe – innovative sandwich box does the trick

By on June 2, 2016
In order to be appointed in the White Guide Master class for cafes terms “one in every respect impressive performance” both for that being served and the service. The high level keeps Fotografiskas cafe, which is now recognized by the White Guide and gives this honor review.

One of the innovations introduced during the year is a sandwich box, a completely new and innovative way to present a sandwich: The topping is served separately in a recyclable glass box while the bread toasted just in the order. So forget the limp sandwich. Forget wasting. When the topping is placed in these boxes retaines the flavors and the bread toasted directly to you, so you can compose your ultimate fresh sandwich. This innovative idea is Fotografiskas food creator Paul Svensson and imbued with the philosophy of genuinely sustainable Fotografiska, just like the rest of the food and the drinking supply.

That with these Sandwich Boxes split toppings and bread gives health and sustainability through enjoyment. One way to be environmentally responsible to both us and our guests. With the sandwich box reduces waste and increases the taste. Win win for both you and nature, says Paul Smith.

Visit Fotografiska TV  and see how it goes when Fotografiskas durable sandwich boxes being built.

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