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By on April 13, 2016

PhD Karin Tegenborg Falkdalen has written another book about prominent Swedish women during the 1500s. This time about the Gustav Vasa’s second queen, a high-born Swedish noblewoman and not a foreign princess as his first wife. The picture is bright Margareta Leijonhufvud and her memory. On April 21, Karin lecture in Livrustkammaren about the queen.

Where Margaret Leijonhufvud the queen who did everything right? She has gone down in history as good, wise and beautiful. The wife who gave Gustav Vasa ten children, two of which became kings of Sweden. A role model for her daughters and future queens. What demands were made of her as queen during the “royal kinsmen time”? What was expected of her as a stepmother to Crown Prince Erik and as the mother of ten children of their own with the King? She died before her husband, but was buried first at his funeral, as depicted in the still current special exhibition in the Livrustkammaren, Death Theater.
The book, the recently published biography Margareta Regina – at Gustav Vasas side (Setterblads publishers) are available this evening, April 21, for 175 SEK. After the lecture Karin signs the book.
Karin Tegenborg Falkdalen is an author and a PhD in the History of Ideas. In her research, she has been interested in the monarchy as an institution, especially its women’s side. Her dissertation in History of Ideas named king is a woman of 2003. The book Vaasa Daughters (2010) is about Gustav Vasa’s five daughters. A year ago Vasadrottningen was published about Gustav Vasas third wife, Katarina Capricorn. And in the days published Margareta Regina – at Gustav Vasas side, about the second wife Margaret Leijonhufvud.
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