Local | Lars Mytting to Stockholm in December

By on November 13, 2015

Lars Mytting, the author of the successful book Ved, is current with the new book Simma med de drunknade. 1-2 December visits the Norwegian Stockholm.

Simma med de drunknade is an exciting and entertaining family chronicle about an orphaned farm boy who goes out into the world to find his roots. The novel received the prestigious Norwegian Bokhandlerprisen 2014, the Norwegian equivalent of August Prize.

A NorwegianFrench couple were found dead in autumn 1971 in France. Their three year old son Edward is missing without a trace but found four days later in a hospital twelve mil away. Where Edvard has been in the meantime, and if there really was a coincidence that his parents got on a forgotten mine from World War I, remain a mystery.

Edvard is growing up with his grandfather at a potato farm in the Norwegian countryside. And it is when his grandfather dies as Edward’s life is turned upside down. He goes out into the world to find answers to his life questions and are forced to dig into the darkest corners of his family’s history. A history that is closely interwoven with the great tragedies in Europe during the 1900s.

Tuesday 1 December emerges Lars Mytting at Books & Dreams authoring evening at the Oscarsteatern.

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