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By on January 8, 2016

Nothing is impossible, the impossible takes a little longer,” said Churchill. On Krägga Herrgård things may take a little longer – in favor of a better future. Now launching a new meeting concept with a view to creating digital balance in meeting and achieve better results.

Today’s connected society is not entirely positive. The digital stress increases and workfulness; creating digital work-life balance is becoming an increasingly important concept. Krägga Herrgård follow the time by taking a departure from it, by being a meeting place where everything can take its time, where it is possible to be present and focus on major and important decisions. The previously established session model Connected” gets an option in the opposite when Krägga Herrgård is now launching the concept Disconnection & Relaxation.
The online meeting model is about to bring digital technology into the meeting and let the phones and computers to be on, but we also offer the opportunity to do just the opposite. The aim is that our guests will be able to focus on the present meeting, to interact and socialize with the other participants but also to have time to listen to their own breathing, says hotel manager Lars Aggestedt.
These days a “technology kindergarten” have been furnished at the mansion; a place for secure locking of technical belongings that are not used in the meeting. While other activities and menus have been specially adapted to the concept; and provides the tools to disconnect and relax. This includes everything from serving slow cooking of seasonal ingredients and well-aged vintage wine (which improved over time) to offer exceptionally relaxing activities.
We let timelessness permeate the entire experience here at the manor. By creating the conditions for timeless meetings will free up time for our guests to have time to enjoy their stay here and now, concludes Lars Aggestedt.

Meeting Model: Relaxed and Disengage @ kraggaherrgard

No electronic devices used in the meeting.
Full focus on social interaction and interaction between participants.
Release new time.
No disturbing elements.
All participants will be here present.
No distraction.
Provides digital balance, new ideas and better results.

You are here. In the now. 45 minutes from the big city, surrounded by lush nature and heartfelt hospitality. There is always time for you. Time for focused meetings, for reflection, for long-term romance, for enjoyment. Time to be present. Or as we say in Kräggiska, here present. Krägga Herrgård is located at the Mälarens strand, surrounded by 100 hectares of lush green land where deer, elk, pheasant, fox and hare running wild. Only 45 minutes from Stockholm, Arlanda and Uppsala.
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