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By on May 11, 2016

Knatteloppet, running event for children where everyone is a winner, will be held in Hammarby Sjöstad on 11 June. It is the fourth year Knatte Loppet takes place at Hammarbybacken which is for children between 2-12 years.

Last year had Knatteloppet nearly 1,200 participating children, which consolidates the race as one of Europe’s biggest running competition for children. In addition to running the children have the opportunity to meet famous sports profiles, take the electric car driving license, going to the disco, meet with police and fire departments, and more. Additionally win every child a gold medal at the finish, gets a starter kit with Knatteloppets racing shirt and have the opportunity to get a hug from Knatteloppets popular mascot, Super Rabbit Knaskalle.
Knatteloppet is part of the vision to get Sweden to become the world’s most active and healthiest country.

Behind this initiative is Linda Forsström, who want our children and young people to get a good start in life, filled with sports, community, inspiration and joy.

Last year’s race was a success But this year, we aim to make it even better, with nine starts for different age groups to make the experience much greater for the children, says Linda Forsström.

Last year the poster was running star Johan Wissman and famous gladiator. Which sports stars that is taking part in this year’s Knatteloppet is advertised in May.

Before Knatteloppet holds the founder Linda Forsström in the free practice sessions, so that children get a good preparation as possible for the race. The first moment at Hammarbybacken is Saturday 21 May at 10.00 for children between 2-5 years and 11.00 for children between 6-12 years. The second time is Monday, May 30th, at 18:00 for the younger, and at 19.00 for the elderly.

The children will get the chance to try to run the race tracks and of course are the Super Rabbit Knaskalle there to help.

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