Local | Kina Björklund at Konsthantverkarna 31 October to 25 November 2015

By on October 15, 2015

Kina Björklund’s work is characterized by a bold appropriations. One gets the feeling of being able to see her “in action” when viewing objects. It is temperament full and bushy. But there Kina in her last exhibition at Konsthantverkarna (2010) let the colors flow and vegetation felt nearest to on the smell, is this exhibition more suggestive. The bowls of pottery is entering yet another stage characterized by more rigor and seriousness, some with an almost sad expression. The forms embraces themselves and ends in some cases beyond the cup and the vessel, with no need to describe the content to be decorated, and may be protected.

Kina Björklund was educated at the College of Arts Ceramics and Glass in Stockholm. She has worked as a potter for nearly 30 years and has had several solo exhibitions over the years and has exhibited at several locations in Europe. Kina is represented at the National Art, Gothenburg Art Council and the Röhsska Museum. Kina Björklund lives in Stockholm and has her studio in Gustavsbergs old porcelain factory.

Known for a romantic peasant Rococo style, Kina hit it big in the 1990s. Her nature-inspired and joyful idiom has set itself as a spit in ceramic Sweden. Now she takes a step into a melancholic version of the same energy. It is physically and serious. It is beautiful.

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