Local | Katja Seitajoki / Arena Baubo on Turteatern April 9 to 16

By on March 29, 2016

In Katja Seitajoki / Arena Baubo new works “Camouflage – patterns of movement” examines the boundaries turn into passages when different movement language camouflaged in another. The show is co-produced by the MDT and play on Turteatern April 9 to 16.

A poetic and dynamic field created when three dancers, with a background in Western contemporary dance, West African modern dance and contemporary Indian Bharata Natyam dance, blend in and displaces the room. Power hierarchies between cells is eliminated and meaningful systems must be thought about. How the body is constructed? Who really owns the operating tradition? And who has the privilege of writing our time? In a scene image of the roving movements weave the different voices into one another and new patterns of thoughts and movements arise. Who can camouflage itself?

“In times of heated and not so little moralizing debate on representation and appropriation, the question of who owns the rights to the operating languages keen. Probably is such thoughts behind the Arena Baubo-choreographer Katja Seitajokis pretentious statement to her new works camouflage. The room and the bodies become meeting places where different languages, sounds and movements work together in their differences. ”
– Bjorn Gunnarsson, Sydsvenskan 2016-03-06.

Katja Seitajoki is a choreographer, director and theater artist working in the performing arts as a tool for creating standard challenging projects. Since 2006, she is one of the artistic directors of the Arena Baubo, working cross-artistic with anti-hierarchical structures. Arena Baubo over the years have used the format performances, talks and seminars to create new impulses, ideas and meetings. Previous projects include: “Leadingfollowing: The Spectator’s Dance” which played at the MDT 2014.

Welcome to “Camouflage – pattern of movement” April 9 at 19:00 Turteatern. The performance also plays 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 April.

Read more about “Camouflage – patterns of movement”: http://mdtsthlm.se

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