Local | Josh Rouse to Sweden in December

By on October 12, 2015

7/12 Nalen, Stockholm

Intelligent songwriting, warm melodies and a musical emotions that follow hand in hand through life’s dark and bright moments Josh Rouse is a singer / songwriter who almost twenty years explained exactly what we feel before we understood it ourselves. Five years have passed since his last visit to Sweden, but in December the wait is over. We are proud to present and look forward to a Josh Rouse concert on Swedish ground this winter!

In his younger years changed Josh Rouse the place he called “home” periodically. Among the new cities, schools and friends music became the only constant something solid to grab hold on when everything else was in steady motion. Taking inspiration from the birthplace Tennessee, Nebraska, he released 1998 debut album “Dressed Up Like Nebraska“. The album was to be the start of the solid collection of CDs he can boast today.

Rouse lives in Valencia in Spain and has in recent years drawn inspiration from the country’s beautiful east coast, and half of the songs on the album “El Turistahe sings entirely in Spanish. In Spain, he also wrote the soundtrack for the film “La Gran Familia Espanola“, which led to the price of Goyagalan (Spain’s answer to the Oscars) for best original song in a movie with the masterpiece “Do You Really Want To Be In Love?”.

New album “The Embers of Time” is the result of a long period of deep self-reflection and therapy, and has already been lavished with praise by newspapers (NY Times) and radio stations (NPR), as well as from the loyal fans.

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