Local | Janne Schaffer at Gröna Lund!

By on July 15, 2016

That he has turned 70 and has a long artistic career behind him does not prevent the guitar legend Janne Schaffer from touring extensively. On August 2 visits Janne Schaffer Lilla Scen.

He is one of Sweden’s most respected guitarists and is present in more than 5000 recordings. He has played with include ABBA, Ted Gärdestad, Cornelis Vreeswijk and Bob Marley, and he is one of the cornerstones of the Electric Banana Band. And as if that was not enough, he has released nearly 30 albums in his own name.

Jokingly, one could say that Janne Schaffer has many strings to his guitar. On August 2, he spreads his notes over Grona Lund.

Date / Time
2/8 20:00

Lilla Scen

110 SEK in the entrance or 240 SEK for the Green Card which gives free admission to all concerts this season.

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