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By on December 29, 2015

Night at the Museum is back! Exciting and unexpected evenings in flashlight inside our dark museum. What lurks here? If you have not experienced the museum after closing, you now have the chance again.

Dino-Doris you can meet on the popular dramatized screenings in January. She tells and shows everything she knows about her favorite topic dinosaurs.

Creating Workshop
Begin January with lovely winter crafts in our creative workshop. We are inspired by our exhibition Fossils and evolution with all its dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Make your own T-Rex in clay, or why not create your own species?
On site is our talented staff who help! Your work can you take home as a memento.
Price: 30 kr
When: 2-3 / 1
Kl. 12-16

Night at the Museum is back!
The darkness has settled and the halls echo empty. What actually happens inside the large museum when everyone except the night guard has gone home? Take the opportunity to go on the popular special display and discover the museum in flashlight.

An exciting evening after closing time, for curious children from 7-10 years! Adults who want to come buy your own ticket. It is possible to wait in the museum we offer simple refreshments.

When: 22/1 and 29/1 (even occasions in February)
Time: 18:30 to 20:15 pm.
Price: SEK 150 / child. Limited places, advance purchase only in cash or www.nrm.se. Take a look at the calendar.

Display with Dino-Doris
Meet the museum’s passionate and aspiring dinosaur researchers. Dino-Doris talks about her favorite topic, and gives examples of how a paleontologist working. A dramatized tour dino diggare in the new exhibition Fossils and evolution.

Recommended age 6-10 years, but all are welcome.

When: All Saturdays in January
Time: Kl. 12, 13 and 14

Display 10 favorites
Can you the story of the Tasmanian? See the two-headed calf! We show the museum’s top-ten, the extra seeing objects you can not miss during your visit. Join us for a 30 minute guided tour of the entire museum.

Suitable for all from 6 years

When: Every Sunday in January
Time: Kl. 12,13 and 14

New animals in the exhibition Fossils and Evolution
Fossils and evolution is the Natural History Museum’s popular exhibition of dinosaurs. It is about how animals and plants have come and gone during the Earth’s history.

Now it has moved in more animals in the exhibition. There are models of dinosaurs and other exciting animals that have existed throughout history all over 18 pieces of newcomers. See the eight meter long giant squid Cameroceras, sneak up dangerously close Velociraptor or ride the crocodile equal amphibian from trias.

With the new models, the exhibition is complete and featuring animals from all of the dinosaur ages!

Temporary exhibition! Invisible mysteries
All around us, there is much we can not see. In the new Cosmonova film Invisible mysteries makes the invisible visible. You get to see things that your eye would not perceive.

In the exhibition of the same name can you deepen your knowledge of the unseen world! You meet 38 pictures that gives you amazing insight into the micro- and nanoworld. Can you guess what you see in the pictures?

Displayed until April 3, 2016

Movies Cosmonova
At Cosmonova you experience the world at close quarters in the the world’s largest film format and an audio experience beyond the ordinary.

In January, you can see the following films at Cosmonova:

Invisible mysteries
Galapagos 3D
A journey among the coral reefs
Astronomy X2

If no price are listed is kalendarie activity free.
Price Cosmonova: 100 SEK adult, 50 SEK children and adolescents (5-18 years)

NOTE! Free admission to the exhibitions from January 1, 2016

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