Local | Ingenious facade art at the Museum of Technology

By on July 3, 2016
Technical Museums facade renovated and is in the summer covered in scaffolding and planks. Now the museum has chosen to let a bunch of young street artists decorate the fence on the theme “All the little geniuses favorite place.” Fifteen artists participating in the project, which was initiated and coordinated by Muro arts agency.

Lars Paulsson which is exhibition producer at the Museum of Technology explains:

When we got the proposal to paint the protective fence outside the museum, I thought it was a funny idea. Making something beautiful which enhances the impression of the museum during the renovation period and also give young artists a platform felt good for us. It feels good that we create the impression of the museum along with our young visitors – inviting them to be co-creators. Many young people today are not content just to the consumers, they would themselves be part of creating. We want to be “All the little geniuses favorite place”, so it felt natural to have it as an overall theme for the paintings.
The artists began to paint on 27 June and will be finished on Sunday 3 July. One painting in batches when weather and other commitments allow. The paintings sit up until the facade is complete, which is expected to be in late August.

SAFE is one of the artists involved, she says that the opportunity to show their art on a big wall and the crowd means a lot to her as a street artist. She is happy to be chosen to highlight artists who do not already have a large platform. SAFE has made a painting of a figure holding up a light bulb.

We were supposed to interpret the theme “All the little geniuses favorite place” and I associated to the series of drawings which often use a light bulb icon when someone gets an idea. I want to show the moment when you get your idea, aha experience when it comes to what and how you want to do. At the same time I want to show the light bulb which is one of our most common inventions that we use every day without thinking about how cruel and smart they actually are.
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