Local | “In Focus” exhibition in Konsthantverkarnas gallery 2 to 30 July

By on June 11, 2016

Throughout in todays Instagram feed is the pursuit of the perfect framing of the image. Life has been great Renaissance and partly on a new meaning. Continuing the subject with a clear connection to everyday life and the things that belong to the home. The objects symbolic content is still there, though its meaning today is different from the 1500s.

The exhibition “In Focus” we want the square as fragments capture members’ creative flow. Zoom in. Cut out. Highlight. By combining different objects creates a new whole. Suddenly discern the similarities, contrasts and trends in a constant blur of impressions.

The exhibition wants Konsthantverkarna show breadth but also the tip of our members. Or as the writer, who is also the former Chairman, Susanne Helgeson describes it;

It is with us vitality are, the most experienced next to the young graduates spearhead, glimpse of tomorrow’s crafts. On Konsthantverkarna you can clearly see how the material limits exploded, how the conceptual thinking takes an increasingly larger place, how the unique handicraft developed hand in hand with the articles of consumption and together attract a new audience. ”

The exhibition “In Focus” is curated by Charlotta Eidenskog and lasts 2 to 30 July 2016 at Konsthantverkarna.

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