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By on March 16, 2016

During the Easter weekend are numerous free and fewer travel with SL. Then are made major track work that affects commuter trains and traffic on Roslagsbanan and Saltsjöbanan.

Faced with that City Line will open 2017 will Trafikverket during the Easter weekend among other things broadening the platform at Stockholm South. They‘ll also do maintenance work in Solna and works in Tomteboda where the City Line will be linked with Mälarbanan.

At the same time SL works on Roslagsbanan. Between Bråvallavägen and Enebyberg they will replace the electrification masts and on the route Bråvallavägen Roslags Näsby is prepared for the noise.

Saltsjöbanan will get more modern planes transitions at Ringvägen and Saltsjöbaden.

SL advises all who are going to travel with SL to plan their trip extra at Easter. Looking at the journey on sl.se gives the current proposals on the itinerary that best suits a particular time. Traffic changes are then taken into account.

Like this you can travel instead:

Commuter trains are set on the route Stockholm Central-Älvsjö and conversely from Maundy Thursday at 22:00 until Tuesday, March 29 at. 05:00.

Replacement Bus 36T runs between Älvsjö and Telefonplan on the Metro Red Line.
Anyone who comes by train from Nynäshamn and Västerhaninge can also get off in Farsta strand and change to the Green Line into the city.

Commuter train from Uppsala C and Märsta do not stop in Ulriksdal, Solna and Karlberg during Easter Day and Easter Monday.

Travel to Stockholm Central and change to the next train north (towards Uppsala C / Märsta).

Roslagsbanan is turned off on the route Djursholms ÖsbyRoslags Näsby from the Good Friday until Easter Monday.

Replacement Bus 27M and 28B goes between Danderyd Hospital and Roslags Näsby Station.
At the distances Roslags NäsbyKårsta and Roslags NäsbyÖsterskär and on Näsbypark Line trains run according to the regular Sunday and weekend schedule.

Saltsjöbanan is turned off on the route NeglingeSaltsjöbaden from the Good Friday and until Easter Monday.

Replacement Bus 25R goes from Igelboda and Neglinge to the Ringvägen.
Travelers who are going to Saltsjöbaden steps off at Igelboda and change to a train to Solsidan. From Solsidan goes replacement bus 25B to Saltsjöbaden.

Photo: Erja Lempinen

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