Local | Hovet sold out – Lalehs concert moved to the Globe

By on May 18, 2016

Tributes have rained over the new single “Bara få va mig själv” and the interest to see Laleh live this fall is huge. The concert on November 11 at Hovet in Stockholm is now completely sold out, and thanks to the great interest we are now pleased to announce that the concert is moved to the Globe.

The extra tickets that are made available thanks to the move is released today, May 18 at 12.00, through LiveNation.se.

On 28 October, the Crystals tour has premiere in Gothenburg. Also on the tour is the sinfonietta Modern Fantazias under direction of conductor and arranger Hans Ek. Together with over 30 musicians on stage, she will offer a unique cross-genre concert arena of both new and classic Laleh songs in unique versions.
On November 11, the tour reaches Stockholm. Tickets for Hovet have been spent at a rapid pace and is now completely sold out. For more people to take part of the magic concert, the concert will be moved to the Globe with a new ticket release today 18th May at 12:00.

Ticket information for those who already have a ticket to Hovet:

The same ticket is valid.

All grandstand tickets will be exchanged for a seat on the corresponding section in the Globe, or as close to the previous position as possible. Exchanges will be done in different ways depending on how the ticket is purchased / delivered.

E-ticket: If the ticket is delivered via email, a new ticket will be mailed out within the next few days.

Ticket via mail: Those who have received their tickets delivered via the mail will be contacted by Stockholm Globe Arenas for further instructions.

Stockholm Globe Arena box office: Those who bought the ticket in the Stockholm Globe Arena box office need to go there and replace their ticket with a new one. This can be done from Friday. Bring your ticket to the ticket office to get new ones in exchange.

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