Local | Home district associations from all over the country celebrates 100th anniversary at Skansen

By on August 17, 2016

August 27-28 celebrates local history societies from all over the country’s 100th anniversary at Skansen. In total will 21 of the country’s 26 regional home district association to participate in Home districts weekend at Skansen. On Saturday evening there will be a party with members of local history and Prince couple Carl Philip and Sophia.

There is a packed program for Skansen’s visitors with everything from music, theater, dance and games to food, crafts, and time travel.

The participants have truly succeeded in creating interesting content for the visitors. Now we hope for many visitors from both near and far, says Helena Hammarskiöld project manager for Home districts year.

During Saturday evening celebrating the local history movement members 100 birthday party at Galejan at Skansen with Prince couple Carl Philip and Sofia and other invited guests. In total will 21 of the country’s 26 regional home district association to participate in Hembygdens weekend at Skansen.

During the 100th anniversary, we would like to do what we do best, in a pleasurable way to bring to life the cultural heritage. One example is the event at Skansen, which becomes the highlight of our 100th anniversary, says Jan Nordwall.

That the local history movement gather and celebrate right at Skansen is no coincidence. They have a common history and the fact is that even Skansen celebrates anniversary this year. 125 years ago Skansen was founded by Artur Hazelius that burned for education and wanted to show how people lived and worked in different parts of Sweden during earlier times.

It makes our 125th anniversary extra festive that we can also celebrate along with the local history movement, says Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr. We have a lot in common.

Out in the country there was a corresponding interest in the local and twenty-five years later, in 1916, founded the Society for the local history care today’s Swedish Local Heritage Federation.

The number of folklore societies in Sweden has increased in recent years and now amounts to 2 050 with a total of around 450 000 members. During Hembygdens year 2016 sees Sweden Hembygdsförbund increased timeliness for the movement and hope that the anniversary will attract new members and promote the formation of new local history societies.

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