Local | Högberga Vinfabrik takes another step closer to the core – grow their own grapes outside the mansion

By on September 3, 2016

Högberga Vinfabrik goes back to the core. Now they have their own grape cultivation in the place where it all began, Högberga Gård in Lidingö. This week has 40 plants of the grape Pinot Noir been put in the soil and thus begins another era in the wine factory boundless history.

Wine factory owners in Lidingö are well known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

It started with a crazy idea to harvest the grapes in Tuscany and transporting them to Sweden for vinification on Swedish soil. A project that was condemned by all, especially the Italians, but that was more than successful. Today Vinfabriken is booming and the wine is exported back to Italy.

– It gives a lot of power to have fulfilled a dream, it has given courage to invest in other things that also can seem impossible, says Johan Zälle, winemaker and one of the pioneers behind Högberga Vinfabrik.

And now has the next “impossible” project started, a culture of their own grapes in the garden at Högberga Gård. In a country where the sun never stands in the zenith, where temperatures varies much between seasons and where it can get really cold at times.

– It will be a challenge to give the plants enough heat, you have to be subtle, says winemaker Johan Zälle.

It is important to plant in well-limed soil and we have placed orchard facing south to take advantage of solar heat from the rock optimally even in winter. Furthermore, we will put stones around which generate additional heat.

The grape chosen to cultivate is called Blauer Burgunder and is a little more durable than their relatives. In addition, it is harvested later in the year, which also means that the grapes will get extra heat from the late summer and early autumn sun. The proximity of the sea will also contribute to the heat during the cold part of the year and the manor house to provide protection from northerly winds.

– And to protect against easterly winds, we placed the cultivation of a small dip in the ground, explains Johan Zälle.

If everything goes according to plan, the first harvest to be about three years. To begin with, it is a small-scale experiment, but the goal for the future is a hundred bottles per year.

But then we must increase the number of plants and find more specialized solutions for optimal heat from the mountain. We’ll just try us out, history has taught us that it is by daring to fail as it has the greatest chance of success in the long term, says Johan Hjort, CEO of Högberga Gård.

Grape cultivation at home will now have time to grow and thrive, and in the meantime continues Vinfabrikens business as usual. In the nearest goes Wine factory owners, together with staff from Högberga Gård, to Tuscany for picking grapes to be vinified to new vintage of Högberga San, Högberga Blend and Högberga Merlot.

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