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By on April 21, 2016
For the third consecutive year, Photographic open the gates and invite photographers to apply to the Autumn Salon. Here are all Swedish citizens and those who are in Sweden for a long time invited to apply with still picture, moving picture or photographic sculptures. The variations in this technique express themselves is endless: Personal photographic project that worked out for a long time, documentary photos taken in the moment, mobile installations, photography where the camera has been used as tools of an artist or commercial images.
Added to this is also sent a short text about the submitted material for those who are accepted will be included in the exhibition, where all works are for sale.
The applications are then discussed by a renowned jury with members active in a variety of cultural activity, before the final selection is made by the end of May.
Autumn Salon of Photographic is the largest juried exhibition of Swedish photography. It is a tribute to the Swedish photographers, both established and amateurs, and by annually presenting Swedish photography in this arena we want to inspire Swedish photographers, says Pauline Benthede, exhibition manager of the Photographic.
Today is photograph a natural part of contemporary art, and many choose to narrative works depict current social issues. For Photographic Autumn Salon is a very important leg that steadily carries our role as a committed corporate citizen. Autumn Salon takes the pulse of where Swedish photography are. Which in turn reflects where society is located.
In autumn 2015, we set: When life comes to a head – the angle of inclusion and immigration. It became a Autumn Salon that razor sharp pointed towards a new tougher climate in society, but also gave hope on the power of inclusion.
Autumn Salon 30 September to 20 November 2016 will once again give us a signal about where Sweden is heading.
Apply via Fotografiskas website, deadline May 1 at 23:55.


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