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By on February 21, 2016

Hiphop Queen Linda Pira with dancehall collective Unruly Ghal. Feminism and policies when FATTA! merges with dance collective Juck and rapper Cleo. The talent of twisted feet comes with an important message about climate change. This and much more contains at the Dance House in street dance festival Urban Connection which takes place from May 11 to 14. The program is released to the festival which celebrates 10 years.

To work with Urban Connection is one of the funniest and most exciting thing I‘ve done. The goal was to create a festival that is clearly owned by the Swedish street dance culture. I am in contact with hundreds of practitioners who are all pulling their bit; who has an opinion, as the pepper, which makes the performing arts who have made the festival so successful. In recent years, the salons were cluttered, says project manager Malin Lundstedt at the Dance House.

Urban Connection organized for the tenth consecutive year. 2016 edition of the houses a frenzy of street dance, DJs, MCs, and graffiti. Hip Hop’s four elements is the basis for the program for four days to attract the audience to the theater.

The festival begins with a mashup between dancehall collective Unruly Ghal and hip-hop queen Linda Pira. When Unruly Ghal debuted at last year’s festival roared vuvuzelas and high audience cry in the salon, now they are joined on stage by award winning rapper Linda Pira backed by Dj Salla and four dancers. The six dancers in Dance Crew Complete ensures the entertainment when they present their new works Spezialisterna. Feyona Naluzzi makes the bold solo work Suubi about daring to be human and do not have control.

Dokiko consists of Theresa Gustavsson and Caisa Godée, for everyday members of the crew battleSwedish Family In improvisation work Vivrant Thing they invite street dancers and musicians Niki Tsappos, Madeleine Ngoma and Jacob Tellin to experiment voice and movement. This year’s family show 5 ° of Twisted feet game set in a dystopian world where climate change meant that the earth is shaking under the man’s rampage.

The festival ends in communism sign when the organization FATTA! enters the stage backed by the performing arts collective Juck, known to dress as schoolgirls and furiously humping in the air, on the chairs and the audience Rapper Cleo closes up as DJ duo Broke ‘N Tipsy and together they create a final manifestation of a clear political agenda.

In the Dance House foyer goes the graffiti artist Iron loose with spray cans and paint together with colleagues Vegan Flava, MAG and Kalle Kath visitors are offered a political love bomb. Iron is known for his political and direct graffiti work which contains both humor, philosophy and unpretentious beauty.

Urban Connection taking place May 11 to 14 at the House of Dance in Stockholm.

Here is the full program:

Wednesday, May 11
19:00 The Unruly Shakedown with Linda Pira (Dance House Main Stage)
21:00 Complete – Spezialisterna. (Dance House Small Stage)

Thursday, May 12
18:00 Complete – Spezialisterna (Dance House Small Stage)
19:00 The Unruly Shakedown with Linda Pira (Dance House Main Stage)
21:00 Dokidoki Vivrant Thing (Dance House Small Stage)

Friday, May 13
18.00 Dokidoki Vivrant Thing (Dance House Small Stage)
19:00 Twisted feet 5 ° (Dance House Main Stage)
21:00 Feyona Naluzzi Suubi (Dance House Small Stage)

Saturday, May 14
15.00 Twisted feet 5 ° (Dance House Main Stage)
18:00 Feyona Naluzzi Suubi (Dance House Small Stage)
19:00 FATTA featuring Cleo & JUCK (Dance House Main Stage)

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