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By on November 19, 2015

When Green Day’s award-winning rock musical American Idiot” has premiere at Stockholm’s Circus in February, the main role is played by Viktor Norén (Viktor & The Blood, Sugarplum Fairy). He is backed by musicians from some of the country‘s most influential punk and rock bands, such as Bombshell Rocks, Crucified Barbara, Twopointeight, Stilett and Henry Fiat‘s Open Sore. American Idiot” is based on punk rock band Green Day’s classic album of the same name. On 20 February 2016 the musical is set up in Stockholm for the first time.

American Idiotwas a success on Broadway and won including multiple scene rates and a Grammy for best musical album. When it has premiere in Stockholm, it is with Viktor Norén in the lead role and with several well-established names from the Swedish punk and rock scene in the band.
One of them is Nicki Wicked“, the drummer of Crucified Barbara, who won the award for Best Rock / Metal P3 Gold Awards earlier this year:
I was a bit nonplussed first of the unusual offer, but was thrilled to get the question. I‘m used to playing with the band since 1998, but I love challenges so it felt right to jump into the fire. It is cruel that it is a rock musical with a focus on the music.
Even Christian “Crippe” Määttä from Bombshell Rocks was surprised by the question, but said of course yes.
– First and foremost because of the music. I was a fan of the band before they broke through and saw them in 1994. They are close to my heart. Then I think that the format is very exciting. There are two worlds that meet.
Before the premiere on February 20 are both nervous, but full of expectations.
It is exciting and nervous, of course, but it should be. Punk is after all lot of nerve. It is best then, says Christian Crippe” Määttä.
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