Local | Hejfestivalen! takes the national day a step further

By on May 26, 2016
On National Day, June 6, Orion Theatre is a place to find new friends when Hejfestivalen! invites newly arrived and established Swedes. The program includes live performers, DJs and speakers, ping pong, foosball, language café, dance, coil word, creative wall and more.

– Today we meet again and again by headlines that tell us about dislike and prejudice against people who fled for their lives. Neighbours who are arguing for refugee homes, parents who do not want to let their children share the school with unaccompanied minors. We want to show the society that we as volunteers can see, every day, where a majority are tolerant and compassionate, says Najma Mohamed, project manager of Refugees Welcome Stockholm.

Hejfestivalen! is an opportunity for everyone to show the good commitment that exists in Sweden today. It is an opportunity to meet, play games, enjoy a coffee and much more. The festival is organized by Refugees Welcome Stockholm, International acquaintances and Orion Theatre.

A large language café will open the festival day pass, which runs between the hours of 13 and 17 with free admission and open to all ages.

Then opens the evening session of the Labour Minister Ylva Johansson. In the evening is the age limit 18 years old and admission is 200 crowns. The pass has a more “clubmusic festival character. Orion Theatre holds 300 guests and half of these will be new arrivals.

We will also collect money during the evening and everything that enters plus any surplus from the festival will go to the International acquaintances and Refugees Welcome Stockholm integration work and to MSF‘s work in refugee camps around the world, says Andreas Bjunér, project manager of the International acquaintances.

Zinat Pirzadeh will be master of ceremonies during the day and among finished artists and DJs to date include Mange Hellberg, Natali Felicia, Sharks and DJ Masaya.

All work with Hejfestivalen! is done by volunteers. Both the Working Group and at the event itself, we strive for a gender and multicultural distribution of participants and dedicated.

International acquaintances is a non-profit organization, politically and religiously independent, who in different ways work with integration. The association keeps in everything from language support in schools and homework help in Tensta / Rinkeby to organize cultural and sports activities where new arrivals and persons established in Swedish society can meet. 2011 won the Association of Stockholm’s Nelson Mandela price.

Refugees Welcome Stockholm is a religiously and politically independent non-profit organization. RWS was formed by volunteers who saw a need to organize the emergency reception of people on the run who arrived at Stockholm Central Station in the autumn of 2015. Since then, the association’s activities expanded to include advocacy and integration work. The association works to people displaced should receive a dignified treatment and association volunteers are easily recognizable by their pink jackets.

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