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By on September 4, 2016

Hästival at Happy Tammsvik – Stockholm funniest conference facility becomes place too great horse auction. Happy Tammsvik green space is almost limitless, both in surface and opportunities. Daily they serve as rooms for conferences and creative activities, but over a weekend in early September, they are transformed into a unique marketplace for nearer hundred young horses to be auctioned.

Horse auction at Happy Tammsvik held on Saturday, 10 September during the Festival of Swedish Racing at the nearby racetrack Bro Park. It will be a real happy horse party for everyone. Those who want to bid on a young thoroughbred and those who just want to embellish an ordinary autumn weekend with an unusual arrangement. A big auction tent will be raised in the area, with a bar and seating for over 300 people. And all around, there will be grilled and simpler food for sale.

We love our natural environment and its limitless possibilities and would like more people to have the opportunity to enjoy these. Now we take this opportunity to re-invite the public to us, says hotel manager Ulrika Bergström.

Happy Tammsvik is the meeting place that takes humor seriously by giving visitors opportunities to raise their own creativity and find new solutions to their challenges. Horse auction is part of a collaboration between the Happy Tammsvik and the Swedish Jockey Club, which means that more people have the opportunity to discover the happy atmosphere, the venue and the green surroundings. Since earlier collaboration means that the Happy Tammsvik has developed a customized menu and housing opportunities for organizers, jockeys and audience.

We are always interested in partnerships that provide shared momentum and positive energy, and this is a good example that adds value for everyone involved, says Ulrika Bergström.

Festival of Swedish Racing takes place on Bro Park on 9-11 September and will begin with the Breeders Openings and horse races on Friday. Saturday is the big day of the auction and on Sunday completed the festivities, or hästligheterna if you like, with the Stockholm Cup.

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Viewing of horses Friday, September 9 at 14:00 (at Happy Tammsvik)
The auction starts Saturday, September 10 at 14:00 (at Happy Tammsvik)

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