Local | Glass artist Anna Berglund – vernissage 30/1

By on December 6, 2015

Anna Berglund shows new glass objects at Konsthantverkarna in Slussen. She has contributed to the decoration of the New Karolinska Hospital, and her spectacular, often large, glass compositions are available on a range of public places all over Sweden.

The spatial composition “Liquidwill take place at Konsthantverkarna in Slussen between 30 January and 17 February.

Last time we saw Anna Berglund’s work mentioned in the news was when her works at Karolinska Hospital in Solna was inaugurated in November. That’s how we used to see Anna Berglund works in the public domain.

This is how Anna write herself: To develop a public works that have a visual relevance for both the user and the site itself, is the driving force and source of inspiration for me, no matter which city, location or room I had the privilege to work in.”

Anna Berglund is a glass artist who first trained as a ceramist, but then discovered the beauty of glass and changed the track.

I saw the beautiful, transparency and how the glass reflects light, almost seductively. The glass has no back. You can see right through it, to see it from all sides. Nothing can hide. And I had an idea of proportions, and to do something spatially.

I do not blow myself, but work a lot with a skilled glass blowers in Ösjö, says Anna. It makes my sketches are included in the beginning, but a lot also depends on how the glass gets”. The glass is so malleable, it can be thin, thick, and how big anything really, in the components.

But big glass objects and glass in public spaces, it is not fragile?
No, I often use driven glass, and it is strong. Once I had to present a project with glass beads for a client, I had a ball that I dropped to the floor, and it held.

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