Local | Gigantic Dinosaur makes its entry

By on December 21, 2015

The exhibition Fossils and Evolution at Naturhistoriska riksmuseet receive this week supplement of its hitherto largest model dinosaur, a Plateosaurus.
It is the exhibitions last model to come in place and are with its 6 meters a cool sight to behold. Fully grown individuals were between five and ten meters long and could weigh up to a thousand kilos.

The first thing that strikes you when you look at Plateosaurus is how big it was. In Sweden, we are not accustomed to seeing animals in the size of elephants, says Tove Frambäck, project manager.

The dinosaur was a herbivore, which can be seen on the long neck, small head and teeth. A little extra thrill is that discoveries have been made in Sweden and Norway. From Vallåkra in Skåne have been found fossilized footprints that can be after Plateosaurus. Since Naturhistoriska riksmuseets new exhibition Fossils and evolution that was opened in April this year, around 225 000 visited the exhibition. The last month the exhibition has been enriched with 18 new dinosaur models including Plateosaurusen.

We have enhanced the exhibition with models ranging from tiny invertebrates to the earliest dinosaurs. Come discover all the animals that have come and gone on the earth, says Tove Frambäck.

All models are manufactured by Martin Kroniger, Museoart in Hanover.

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