Local | Genuine autumn market occupies Fotografiska

By on August 28, 2016

Fotografiska and Melleruds presents a genuinely inspiring Autumn Market with food & drink on 10-11 September. A lovely time to enjoy the food and drink that gives good energy. Fotografiskas food philosophy is signed by Paul Smith focuses on green and season-based sustainable enjoyment, with the plant kingdom in the center.

For Autumn market has Fotografiskas chef Robert Hedman developed three different plant dishes made with organic, often locally grown ingredients from the season, which we share with us the recipes of. Where one of the dishes that Robert Hedman created is based on grains, the same used to Melleruds alcoholic organic pilsner.

These unique dishes are created on the basis of our philosophy that the base is raw materials from the plant kingdom, and you can supplement with protein from the animal kingdom. Thus, in contrast to today’s focus on the animal, which we know is not sustainable in the long run, says Robert Hedman.

To the members of the Fotografiska family, we offer 10% of the grocery bag that you can buy on the spot. Autumn Market is included in the entrance fee.

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