Local | Frida Ronge makes a different guest appearance at Fredrik Eriksson

By on May 25, 2016
Friday, June 17 meets two generations and two culinary visions on Långbro Inn. Frida Ronge guest plays with her visionary Nordic-Japanese cooking at Fredrik Eriksson’s modern Swedish inns. But there will be no classical performances à la long tasting menus and white tablecloths. Instead it will be on “pop up” on Långbros summery Bakficka in the park.
Frida Ronge is back in Stockholm after having driven award winning vRÅ in Gothenburg since 2012. Here she will base the large roof restaurant on top of the new lifestyle hotel At Six who Petter Stordalen opening in March 2017. Modern Scandinavian cuisine with local ingredients influenced by Japanese cooking methods and flavors are Frida Ronges signature and on her upcoming rooftop restaurant gets the Swedish and Nordic a touch of Japan in a completely new way. Samples of this is on the menu June 17. Enjoy Långbro Inn into a lovely summer evening with Frida in the kitchen.

In the past was guest appearances often international and was organized to provide restaurant guests something more than your own kitchen. Nowadays it is more about the replacement of higher end gastronomy, says Fredrik Eriksson. With Frida’s performances, we want to take it a step further; open up a new type of pop-up event with really good food, but easier and more relaxed format.

It is the meeting between generations and different cuisine that inspires and enriches the chef’s life is both agree. That established chefs supports and encourages young talent provides security and potential to be developed, while new talent will bring new perspective because of their fearlessness in the making.

-Therefore It feels extra fun with this event, says Frida Ronge. Fredrik Eriksson is a role model in many ways and I am very happy to guest him with my food creations.

The choice of locationLångbros Back pocket a little further down in the park – it felt natural for Frida’s guest appearances, based on a summery and accessible feel. Fredrik open up in the summer with light meals, snacks and beer and wine. New this year is that a few Friday nights during May and June are treated to after work with themes. On 17 June it is Nordic-Japanese Frida Ronge that is served and the format is “almost like a picnic ‘, with around 100 booking sites.

I and Fredrik were photographed together at the Back pocket for a story about strong healthy cooks and then we both said that ‘here we should really do something’, says Frida Ronge. And now is the time!

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