Local | Fredrik Eriksson gets the contract to operate the restaurant in the new National Museum

By on February 13, 2016

During the autumn a contract was made by the operation of the restaurant business in the new National Museum when it opens after renovation. The mission went to chef Fredrik Eriksson, who runs Långbro Värdshus in Älvsjö and restaurant Asplund in Solna. He is chairman of the jury in the Chef of the Year since 2005, has regularly appeared as a morning chef in TV4 since 1994 and became Chef of the Year in 1987.

A visit to the restaurant is part of the museum visitors overall experience so crucial in the assessment has been creativity, flexibility and ability to deliver service and supply on a high quality level. It is something that Fredrik Eriksson meets and he has an understanding of the wishes and demands of the business. His ideas about the combination of food and art will contribute to the experience and we are very excited about this collaboration, says Berndt Arell, Director National Museum.

The ambition is that the restaurant business will help to strengthen the National Museum’s brand and become a popular meeting place in connection with an art experience. It will be located on the main floor with a nice view of the Royal Palace and the Old Town. Besides restaurant serving lunch and evening there will also be a café, bistro / bar and banquet hall. The premises were formerly offices and was not used as public space.

It is an exciting and challenging opportunity for us in the restaurant will face everything from the classic museum visitor to the school classes, tourists and those who might be there for the first time. The cafeteria needs to have a wide range for us to meet all the different needs, some may just want a latte while another wants a full three-course dinner. We should be able to provide food for everyone simply, says Fredrik Eriksson.

The initial contract period is just over three years. The museum building is currently undergoing renovation and will open again in 2018th

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