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By on November 25, 2015

Fotografiska opens shop at Sergels torg

Photography as interior decor, whether it is the exclusive print or poster, is gaining ground. Pictures on the wall evoke emotions, create atmosphere and provide inspiration. Something that Fotografiska museum focuses on and opens the shop F Concept at Sergel Square in Stockholm. The model is clear: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and their MoMA Store with several Design and bookstores, shops for books, products related to museum and other exciting design, both in New York and in other cities.

Obviously is MoMa an inspiration for us as we start our F Concept at Sergels Torg, mid under the fountain. This square with its graphic black / white profile and culturally interesting architecture fits us like a glove. F Concept will, in the same way as the Fotografiska, be as much a place for photography in the class as a place for unexpected meetings with the art, fellow human beings, designed products of the highest class and oneself, says Jan Broman, CEO and co-founder of Fotografiska.

Fotografiska Museum is on the top list of most popular places to visit in Sweden. That at Faceboook check in at the Fotografiskais extremely popular. This is a place where many feel welcome and who helped to put the photograph as an art form on its agenda. In F Concept, with graphic identity designed by award winning Banker Wessel and a interior design signed Guise, will be a wide range of products related to Fotografiska specific and photography in general: Everything from exclusive prints in the F Edition, the extremely popular poster that has long existed in the store Fotografiska. Here is also beautiful magnificent work and coffee table books and a wide range of other gifts.

The growing urge for photography as interior decor and collectibles is contributing to the establishment.

There is now a clear trend that an increasing number starts collecting photography and wants to have photograph in their home as a major interior detail, it has Fotografiska certainly contributed to. It is time to have more people show more of themselves in their homes, more than that they could afford a particular kitchen, says Karolina Modig journalist and writer whose book Hang art low” about how to start collecting art, will be released on Rheologica Publishing.
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